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Endurance Fitness – Enduroman Arch2Arc Challenge

Endurance Athete Rachael Cadman  could soon be the first woman ever to complete the Enduroman Arch2Arc Challenge.  Since the challenge started in 2001, only seven men have completed it.

Whats the Enduroman Arch2ArcChallenge?

Run 87 miles from London to Dover, then swim 22 miles across the English Channel, then cycle 181 miles to Paris.

Rachel has completed the second leg of this endurance event the swim arriving at  Sangatte beach after swimming the channel, the second leg of the Enduroman Arch to Arc Challenge.

As part of Rachael’s preparation for this  endurannce fitness challenge she has undertaken a number of other events. Last year Rachael won the female category of the Enduroman UK Double Ironman contest, swimming 4.8 miles, cycling 224 miles then running a double marathon without sleeping. In February this year Rachael completed the gruelling Enduroman Lanzarote Ultra and has been keeping herself fit since by doing the occasional 50 mile training run.

Rachel is raising money for Help For Hereos http://www.justgiving.com/rachaelcadman