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Best DVD Workouts?

Herbalife24FIT is a  DVD workout, designed to build your fitness in an effective and sustainable way.  24FIT  is a 24-week program, divided into three phases, each lasting eight weeks.   Phase 1 – Stability, Phase 2 – Strength, Phase 3 – Power.

Over the course of each eight-week phase, you will be alternating between two types of  workouts:

  • Strength Training Workouts will focus on your physical structure, your muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue.
  • Metabolic Workouts will improve your metabolism (how your body burns calories).

Why The Best DVD Workouts?

Herbalife24FIT is better than any other home workout program because:

  • You will be less likely to quit the Herbalife24FIT workout once you get started because it follows scientific training principles. Originally created for professional athletes, the program progresses your fitness naturally, so that you not only keep going, but never want to stop!
  • It is designed to protect your body from injury. 24FIT is a program of handpicked exercises proven to make your body more resilient to injury. It also includes built-in rest days to allow for recovery and make your body stronger.
  • 24FIT trains your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for more efficient energy usage. It makes you a “better butter burner.

The workout program was develeoped by Robert Forster a Physical Therapist and Performance Specialist, who has worked with many top athletes including Pete Sampras.